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of course I chose to be this way, freedom after all freedoms

I chose to walk away, and weave remembrance into my ways

I chose to live for my own, but not: these ashes will come out of my bones

Once a man mentioned Atlantis, and so entranced I was

but Atlantis was never my world,  I chose to live in the man’s worlds

but Atlantis was never in my world, I am from Lemuria, and the Sun,

and Promethean Fire

I chose to live in Atlantis, the delusions so real you forget the Biblical verses

I choose to be among trees, and creatures so fresh out of their spirit

and not voices, words, languages that may tear us apart

I chose not these men and women so out of touch they start laughing

-sarcasms that birth not humor, but deaths- No,

I choose to live, and not living.

I chose to love myself, and love something so pristine, crystal-pure

that I will never know the true taste of love.

but alas this is my choice,

and now, your choice, to be more than me, more than us


Author: oligothoughts

poetic hermit

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