blueprint: Reading


Consider books as a way to expand consciousness, then we have non-discrimination reading: read things you hate, read things you don’t like, read things you have no feeling toward, read things out of boredom, read things in exact opposite to your inclinations and excitements, or just don’t read: watch films, talk to people, these are no different.

Umberto Eco: books should be an open field of ideas- but let’s take this idea further. Don’t just read the text, feel for the persons, recall the birthdays of the authors, see the characters, search for perks, acknowledge the nods to things outside of the book.

you may: read a book linearly, but never grasp at the meaning linearly

you may: construct flows, plot, journeys, hidden messages, recast things as symbols and metaphors and devices, but never let these deter you from the joy of connection and intertextuality

you may: read extremely fast, even leaving behind a handful of words, and remember nothing, but never not interact with the authors

A book is a gateway, open them, enter them, do not get lost, or get lost infinitely.

You yourself are a book writing itself, so do not fear the completed texts, do not let them overwhelm or strangle you.

There is no unreadable book, just unreadable times, spaces, realities.

When you read something, there are many voices in your head. Sometimes the highest voice can be hard to discern, for it is so faint, and you are so devoid of energy. At times like these you are free to read a book in any way you want.

There is no need to feel guilt in discontinuing a book. In fact, you do it every moment, for books are just pages to a larger reality that you are constantly reading and reflecting on.

There is no need to push yourself to read something, especially because of the lower voices. Embrace all the voices, but it usually happens that the higher voice gets lost, and you keep losing time.

It is possible to read a book without understanding the language. Just use all of your eight senses.

Some books are so energetic that you can feel your forehead, the tip of your brain bursting out with light to receive these messages.

Business self-help books take effort to read, because profiteering, or the whole deal with business, is a manifestation of karma. The free market is an infinite play of fixed causalities. This is karmic causality, cause and effect. Cause and effect applies mostly to the lower planes of thought.

Mathematical textbooks are just as excellent as poetry anthologies: one does not take the ideas at face value (as if there was, and should be), but one learns, from these ideas and inclinations and goes out to disassemble and reconstruct worlds and world views altogether. A poetry anthology is as interactive as a book of problem sets -if one allows the interaction to happen. (of course, the stuff of thought are different).


Author: oligothoughts

poetic hermit

2 thoughts on “blueprint: Reading

  1. “It is possible to read a book without understanding the language. Just use all of your eight senses.” 🙂


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