scramble, grumble, ramble

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everyday i try 

to fall in

 love with rocks, 

sand, pieces of flesh

the moving furballs that deserve loving

yet hollow is in me, you are in

outside my time, you are in

it is not you I hate, the spaces between us

your friends 

told me to move on, deny, keep going

they don’t 

understand and it pains me  

much because there is always 

a thread, everlasting that if 

you bre-ak, deny, hide from sght

it grows like ripples on your thoughts

it pains me not because you are 

outside my realm it 

pains me as you are 

in here, and yet refuse 

to brace our connection 

entirely, and brace for us

all we need is being in our being 


Author: oligothoughts

poetic hermit

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