sexual archaeology

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fifteen boys and girls the world will break in front of me

foresight we do not have, visions we craft into minnows

tomorrow is today’s yesterday, speak the tone-deaf music




one I found two paths untrodden

three lovers turn into a quartet, four souls

five-fold permutations manifest six days

they seven found randomness in Jesus

we disintegrate, one, two, four, seven, six

La Grande Belleza, alone

in Kyoto we think of the next overnight bus, the man sitting next to us

brought coca-cola and a green-tea plastic bottle

the instance we sleep the stars move out to follow us into the smokescreens

puffing smoke from the bus, beats into the dust, diverges into the multitudes

of weeds, greens, bugs, insects, insecticide, earth, man-pieces, the cells that fall of skins

might of the earth, the Earth, Mother, MAMA EARTH

gentle men we are gentle things we do

tread, our souls lightly walk

our minds forever caressing

tomorrow we wake into forgetful foresight

the sins stay with us

but we are no longer earth-bound


Author: oligothoughts

poetic hermit

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