experiment #1: prologue, denial, third-eye fun

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here, beyond the reef, past the awakened blobs of slimy light, here, grass-fed, loving, enduring, buzzing, cascading, enraptured, glimmering, red-blue-brown-charcoal-black creatures, the things we know become a dance of the light. The things we don’t know are none, in a subway, in the suburbs, on your grandfather’s armchair.

despite all of these,

tomorrow we will think we woke up from a dream memories we never accumulated questions we never voiced into reason and men who singularly seem to live in the world of the rationals reality is complex but the modern man want to tame reality and beat reality into words and conceptions and a Facebook profile full of colorful glowing sort of hype.

In a station of the metro, we walk

eye of the kitten

tiger of the mind



Author: oligothoughts

poetic hermit

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