paralysis and some other things, the xx

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empty clothes and broken plastic bottles on the ground,

specks of dust and dirt and black splotches of life, they move between the lines

songs behind my back, spreading infinitely thin through the carcass of the whale that is my

room. I wish we could talk beyond time, but in sporadic seconds and minutes we meet.

I want to break free. workout plans I will never get to, men I will never befriend, women I adore in words and in colors-these

things I have to let go. Because in the spaces of my debauched and broken mind

your gestures, your grace, these I wish to keep.

and I do not even know the reason, yes, certainly there are the

looks, credentials, the matching birth charts, the ambition, the quiet fortitude, the pure sincerity, but

all of these makes me a mere dark, fragmented, diluted canvas of blotches

in light I seek you. but I am not dark, and neither are you pure white

but infinite interplay–colors and shapes, wavelengths that touched and teased my beat

-ing heat. Ba-dum-ts.Ba-dum-ts. Ba-dum-ts-

tomorrow the multitude of cells that is me will shift ever-so-slightly, I

trust in the fate that binds us, even if it should be a fleeting fickle flake of snow

so crystalized, and yet so ready to burst into a thousand droplets

–given enough warmth.


Author: oligothoughts

poetic hermit

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