Wake, we, up, parts

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I wrote this upon reading about souls. Aug 18 2016
Wake, we, up, parts
(x) the parts that dwell within us:
we marvel, and live, and exalt, and ponder
observation is not so difficult
when difficulties abound for observation’s sake
love is becomes tests finds
(1) when we were young we
lived for breath and mother’s milk
(2) years ahead we
clashed, asserted, fought, revealed
(3) we forgot
sense we
sought perfection we
heard others we
forgot ourselves
(4) we sensed we
fabricated we
touched lives we
renamed ourselves.
(y) In our final days, we tread slowly, we walk past plains and hearts and minds
a world opened between the rift,
but we are so old we see no rift
a world opens

Author: oligothoughts

poetic hermit

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