Blasphemes (1)

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Written on July 7th 2016. I was angry, and attempting to calm myself down.


Blasphemes (1)
I AM the consumer of words
I devour hatred, fear, criticism
I shit bricks, and I shit some more bricks
these foodstuff that lie before me-words-the neglected symbols
that mask the timeless dance of the lights
that were carved hurriedly by the neglectful neglected
that mask their fear of themselves,
that hid world histories behind each
that masked a world unfathomable by the minds that speak them
that were;
these hateful things, these darkness days
the freckles of memory you would not want to keep
your face is a canvas, your mouth the very blank color
(a blank drawing is the most rich drawing for the artists do not need to find their purpose)
(if their art is meanderings behind the blank canvas
if their true creations, world histories, hide behind their words)
I walk between the bland, blank richness
words, things, human beings, masks
BUT my mind is sane
AND my love is not found here.

Author: oligothoughts

poetic hermit

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