thơ thở: Waiting

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Written somewhere in early 2015, while I was taking this awesome poetry class with Nicholas Regiacorte. Loved him but more importantly loved the ways one could play with rhythm and sound and stuff like that, as shown through the man, and the works he made us read.



for:  people who call other people shitheads for their tweets

      booming music, noises and chatter and other little sounds of this world

     tension because no understanding no desire no excitement no work done

    clouds of useless things KongregateFacebookMangareaderWordpressTumblrTwitter

   dearth of passions and wit and sensitivity and true laughter

to silence

middle-aged man and woman to talk again after 5 years

love to be hidden in ground floors, dirt, grass, sunlight, leaves, the seasons, glass bottles, people, words


crazy days and crazy nights of warmth and not dislocation

boy to grow up and grow down and grow vertical and grow horizontal and grow and grow and grow

girl to say more honest things think more selfless thoughts and say less and mean more and meditate more and think less

to walk on the same path as Glasses

to find comfort zone and truthful corners with Fish Sauce (mean it this time!)  

to play more with Classical Guitar, Hairy, Boyish Face, and String Instruments

to bury head in old words put on new paper

to wrap ear in dasha and copland and frank and tran

to put mouth to work to chew and not fast

for nose and lungs, to breathe

to remember Grandma the pilgrim of the city/ the master of all bus routes/ the lady of our little freedoms/ the teacher of us cousins and other child people

to hear Brother doing things he hates and screaming and singing and stepping and running from


to not forget that I am in pursuit and I will be in pursuit and this is nothing but a


just enough for the mind to wander off to distant locations, distant realms, questionable patterns

freedom in choosing and crafting and building and thinking

thinkless arts

thoughtful humor

Oshoic love


Author: oligothoughts

poetic hermit

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