Conversations on living #1

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This first one is during a brief bout with a friend. 
Yellow Boy (YB): D is still against the “playing attitude” towards life. He thinks this is an egoistic embodiment, in which the player lost himself into some forms of samsara, trying to manipulate other people for his sake, considering other ones as toys.
oligothoughts (O): playing cai gi
YB: And he thinks this is my current problem, when I seemed to be “playing”
“in which the player lost himself into some forms of samsara, trying to manipulate other people for his sake, considering other ones as toys.”
O: vi du di
YB: chú đã khi nào có suy nghĩ life is a big game chưa
but it doesnt stop one from being very competitive
 taking the game seriously
 it’s just an extra layer of meaning
 not very meaningful in itself, i.e. there is nothing to build upon
[life is a big game] cung equivalent voi mot so statement khac
YB: cái game mà bác đang nói đến, thì người chơi xem người khác như agents, và mình cần manipulate, điều khiển để có lợi nhất cho mình
 O: that’s easy to say
not easy to do
 but thiên phủ (like you, YB) does have a tendency to đẩy việc cho ng khác
(implication: this is YB’s personal bias, not universally right)
The really good manipulators dont even have to go through this step of self assurance/ recognizing other people as agents. They just do it. But i bet [even] if they thought about it they wouldn’t have a moral issue with it, because you would have to think a lot about ownership. And actually there is a reason in bypassing the cognition that people are agents.
They don’t have to be agents. You give someone an input and they return an output, but that output is not dependent on them. It’s all you, how much you see in other people, and there’s always some kind of plan B when the person doesn’t follow a certain pattern/ expectation you have. [This kind of plan B is a testament to the free will that breaks us free from being agents and agent-controllers].
In that sense people are not agents, people are collections of things, and you can only get access to a few of the entire collection. The bottom line is that even if you are manipulating you will only “manipulate” as much as the other person allow you to.
 Therefore there is no need to feel powerful about being able to control and therefore no need for egoistic embodiment.
D co van de voi viec nay nhung thuc ra D kha playful voi nguoi khac
 H chang han
 voi ca neu co van de voi viec moving agents
 thi cung nen co van de voi moving inanimate objects as well
tom lai la khong the lam gi duoc
 nen tot nhat la van nen lam gi do
moi dong thai cua minh deu anh huong den nguoi khac

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