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This was another old WordPress post from 2012. I am somewhat surprised at myself, how I was hinting towards this new direction while struggling to carve meaning to something that has now become meaningless to me. “Cheem” is Singapore slang.


[] balance. As in, between reason and emotion. Such old buddies of mine they are, I’ve been rambling without ends about them here.

And that happens to coincide with a pretty queer fellow I know. He’s just… too extreme. No emotion, too grand, to ‘cheem’, too ambitious, too matured, too automated, too frigid. All reason, no emotion. All cerebral, no visceral.
I like him sometimes. I respect him most of the time – for he is one who heeds a big big dream. Maybe his emotions are all over there, dedicated to that ‘dream’.
But today, as with many weekends prior, I don’t enjoy his company. Because for the first time, I realized that those archives of books he’s been reading were merely dressings on the salad, merely sizzle popping on the steak. He’s still a child, comparing himself with the others to excess. I guess Nietzsche and Heidegger couldn’t hold him against the emotions of reality.
It’s just another case of the ivory tower, really. And ironically, he was the one who introduced me to that ivory-tower dystopian. That Castalia.
If I’ve learned something today, it is that words can never hold spirits. Words can only help us to find resonance, a common ground with people from distant times. Why solitude? Why love? Why sadness? Why strength? Books cannot concoct emotions in us; the emotions are innately ours. And then they come out, because reading words are just another way to look at the world – look at its pasts, look beyond the physical spaces, look into the abstract minds – all new, exciting corners.
And the same goes for ideas, thoughts. Whatever. It’s just not emotion. I was wrong. It was something larger, something whole, something that classifies us, that make each person’s reading of the same words different. Words are just mirrors, the fragmented sprinkles of all colors and sizes that come together to reflect the light from afar.
Mirrors of the soul.
Ivory towers, or non-ivory towers. I guess it is all the same, when one does not experience every aspect of life. That’s when the soul is numbed by a single mirror. That is when our entire being, made with the capacity to touch every part of life, refuses to accept. That is when frictions with the real world occurs.
But heck, no one can experience every aspect of life. So we all have our moments of sadness. Most of us are not saints, cannot smile saintly smiles, do not experience the entirety of the spirit.

Author: oligothoughts

poetic hermit

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