Some circular reasoning

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If life is meaningful, then it is also meaningless. Then it is very meaningful to find some meaning in the meaningless. Then life is life, and we can throw away “meaningful”. Some people want to ascend, while their masters choose to descend to learn more. So ascension is meaningless. But since we have just thrown away the use of meaning, ascension is just…ascension. You ascend or you do not ascend, it is inconsequential. So if you choose to ascend, as in you want it, then you are silencing the part that does not want to ascend. Poof, there goes your oneness, because now you dualize yourself into ascending and nonascending. But life is full of surprises and contradictions, because logic is flawed, science is based on flimsy foundations and limited by the unknown unknowns, a person trying to do the spiritual things should not even adopt a logical rational sequential scientific approach to their spiritual awakening or spiritual work. Do or do not, there is no try. But because contradictions can exist and will exist, one might be able to not dualize, do things sequentially, and ascend I reject the western new age approach of taking darkness as an illusion. Let light be an illusion. Darkness is darkness, darkness is also light. Embrace it, or dont embrace it I reject the eastern approach to spiritual thingies. The eastern folks are less fanatical about avenging darkness, but the ones who have not understood tends to acknowledge both light and dark, and then opt for whichever side that is beneficial for them, dark or light everything is capital-O-Okay


Author: oligothoughts

poetic hermit

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